Louis Frenzel

Incremental Improvements Define The 2012 Mobile World Congress 56
The usual players all showed up at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona with lots of improved devices, but no real game-changing breakthroughs.
LTE/3G MIMO RF Transceiver Targets Small Cells 30
The small cell is the next big thing in cellular infrastructure. Maxim Integrated’s MAX2580 RF transceiver implements these picocells and femtocells.
RIM Reboots With New BlackBerry And New Name 133
Research in Motion is getting a fresh start with a new name—BlackBerry—and two models designed to compete with Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy lines.
Spectrum Analyzers Provide Improved Signal Analysis Capability With 110-MHz Bandwidth 20
The Tektronix RSA5000 RF spectrum analyzers offer upper frequency limits of 26.5 and 15 GHz with a 110-MHz bandwidth option that brings a whole new ability to locate elusive signals.
Platform Accelerates IoE Development 87
Qualcomm and AT&T have announced the availability of an Internet of Everything (IoE) development platform that is expected to accelerate the creation of a wide range of devices that can communicate via the Internet over available cellular systems.
Processors Target High-End Smart Phones And Tablets 2
Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 600 and 800 processors are now available for design into the latest upper-tier mobile devices. They promise increased performance over the widely used Snapdragon S4 Pro processors while maintaining superior battery life.
13 Mobile Trends For 2013 139
As usual in the frenetic mobile business, lots happened during 2012. Rapid change is the norm, and that change will continue next year. Here are 13 trends and projections you can expect to see in 2013.
Wireless Charging: Almost Ready For Prime Time 4
The industry is investigating wireless charging technologies, but a lack of standards agreement and the technology’s own bulky nature may inhibit its widespread adoption.
Worthy Smart Phones Get Lost Among All The Tablet Headlines 6
Phones based on Windows Phone 8 as well as new handsets in the works from RIM and Microsoft indicate that the smart-phone market is still hot, even while tablets get all the buzz.
Carrier Consolidation Has Its Consequences 1
Consolidation will occur as smaller carriers merge to take on Verizon’s and AT&T’s huge market shares.
Buck-Boost Converter Slashes Power Consumption In Mobile PAs
The LM3269 buck-boost dc-dc converter from Texas Instruments cuts power consumption by as much as 50%, improving battery life and decreasing heat generation in the PAs.
Radio Channel Emulator Speeds And Simplifies 4G LTE MIMO Testing
The Elektrobit Propsim FS8 is an eight-channel RF signal path emulator for testing of wireless handsets, basestations, and chipsets including LTE with MIMO.
Apple’s Impressive iPhone 5 Confirms All The Rumors 3
Apple’s iPhone 5 won’t include any big surprises, featuring the larger screen, LTE capability, better camera, and faster processor that the rumors all suggested.
Motorola And Nokia Prep For The iPhone5 4
While the industry is buzzing about Apple’s anticipated iPhone 5 announcement today, Motorola and Nokia are countering with hot new smart phone models of their own.
Digital Variable Capacitor Tunes Antenna For Maximum Efficiency
The Ethertronics EtherChip 1.0 is a 16-step digitally variable capacitor designed for antenna tuning in cell phones and tablets. It comes in a 2- by 2- by 0.45-mm QFN package with eight pins.