As any experienced wireless engineer knows, the antenna is an extremely important part of the system. Yet new antenna forms and approaches are being developed faster than ever. It’s important to know the latest technologies to give your product the edge. Edited by Kyohei Fujimoto and J.R. James, the third edition of the Mobile Antenna Systems Handbook from Artech House Publishers may be what you’re looking for.

This extensively revised and expanded version of this Artech bestseller covers the latest technologies, design and analysis procedures, and applications. It also features all-new chapters on smart antennas, multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems, and antennas for recently deployed mobile systems such as RFID, Ultra-Wideband (UWB), and terrestrial digital TV broadcasting. Its wealth of problem-solving guidance tackles everything from propagation obstacles to specific absorption rate (SAR) safety issues.

This book is almost a complete one-stop reference that should save you some time. For example, it offers up-to-date facts on every type of mobile basestation and terminal antenna, including theory of operation, application strengths and weaknesses, performance characteristics, design procedures, analysis techniques, and optimization methods complete with examples and worked-out calculations. You also get 567 diagrams, charts, and photos. A detailed glossary of antennas will help you zero in on the right antenna for any job. Interesting topics that stand out include the integration of MIMO antennas into handsets and expanding system subscriber capacities with smart antennas.

I had fun flipping through its pages. It’s an excellent, current reference on the black art of wireless—antenna design.

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