Tatsoft unveils the first iPad and iPhone mobile data-access client app that integrates with Microsoft’s .NET Framework with in-the-loud support. Dubbed FactoryStudio, the application runs under Apple iOS. Running on the .NET Framework, users get an intuitive Windows presentation foundation (WPF) graphic designer tool that allows creation of custom graphics, tabular data displays, trend graphs, charts, reports, and KPIs. Obviously, cloud collaboration enables a distributed team to securely share project parameters, information, and data simultaneously anywhere. Summarily, FactoryStudio software is a .NET, 100% managed code, SCADA/HMI/PIMS system with WPF graphics, alarms, events, .NET languages scripting, reporting, historian, data acquisition, all integrating with SQL databases, SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, OSIsoft PI, and external corporate applications. Visit http://www.tatsoft.com/products.php for more details or send an email to the company at info@tatsoft.com.