Resonext Communications debuts the RN5200 family of 5 GHz Wi-Fi (802.11a) WLAN chipsets optimized for client and access point (AP) platforms. Both chipsets incorporate the company's innovations in true zero-IF 5 GHz CMOS radio, flexible media access control (MAC), access point on a chip (APoC) architecture and AccuChannel equalization technology. These features, combined with IEEE 802.11i-compliant security, enable original equipment manufacturers to reduce the cost of their client and AP products. Both the client and AP solutions consist of two chips — a highly integrated RF chip and a baseband/MAC IC. The chipsets are fully 802.11a-compliant and support the 5.15 to 5.35 GHz UNII bands and up to 54 Mb/s data rate. The single-chip RF transceiver reduces system design complexity, cost and power consumption, while enabling high performance and small form factor platforms. An RF design using Resonext's radio can reduce printed circuit board (PCB) space as much as 50%. The chipsets incorporate a true zero-IF CMOS radio, which directly converts the 5 GHz to baseband frequencies without any intermediate frequency stages. The zero-IF architecture is integrated with the required LNA, filters, PLLs and VCOs on the 0.18-micron, 1.8 V CMOS process. For AP systems, the AP chipset adds the access point on a chip architecture, which reduces the number of external components of an AP by incorporating a dedicated on-chip processor core for AP functions and software, an Ethernet 802.3 MAC, a MII interface and the entire 802.11a digital subsystem into a single chip. The AP chipset includes a fully compliant 802.11a OFDM modem that delivers speeds as high as 54 Mb/s. The modem also contains algorithms optimized for true zero-IF system performance with DC offset removal and IQ imbalance correction algorithms. AccuChannel equalization technology extends the range and data rates for WLAN deployment by counteracting the effects of signal degradation caused by real-world impairments such as multipath delays. An additional benefit lowers deployment cost by reducing the number of access points required for a given deployment area. Both chipsets have built-in support for comprehensive encryption. Authentication security features 200C baseband/MAC IC.
Resonext Communications

Specifications at a glance:

  • All CMOS design
  • Low (27 mW) power consumption
  • Low external component count
  • Multiple baseband technology capability