L-3 Communications' L-3 Link Simulation and Training (L-3 Link) division has begun integrating its Advanced Helmet Mounted Display (AHMD) system into the U.S. Army Flight School XXI (FSXXI) program's Reconfigurable Collective Training Devices (RCTDs). This technology upgrade replaces existing helmet-mounted displays that have been used by U.S. Army aviators since 2005 on FSXXI's RCTDs. Integration of L-3's AHMD will represent the initial use of this immersive visual display on a military training and simulation program.

“L-3 Link's Advanced Helmet Mounted Display, which provides pilots with a 360-degree field-of-regard of out-the-window imagery and systems symbology, will bring several training benefits to Flight School XXI Reconfigurable Collective Training Devices,” said Lenny Genna, L-3 Link's Vice President of Army Programs. “This innovative display technology will improve visual resolution, enhance image quality and provide greater transmissivity to enable aircrews to more realistically view their surrounding cockpit instrumentation. In addition, the display's ergonomic design enables it to be attached to an aviator's own helmet while providing a balanced center of gravity for improved comfort during training exercises.”

“Helmet mounted displays have proven their effectiveness in supporting the U.S. Army Aviation Warfighting Center's conduct of large-scale, simulation-based aviation training exercises, which are conducted over geo-specific visual databases of areas in Iraq and Afghanistan to which units are preparing to deploy,” Mr. Genna continued. “The integration of L-3's AHMDs into these exercises will further enhance the quality and training realism of these major training events.”

To date L-3 has delivered 11 RCTDs, which can be reconfigured to support simulated training in the UH-60A/L, CH-47D, OH-58D, AH-64A and AH-64D aircraft. L-3 will be delivering an additional seven RCTDs in December 2007. In all, L-3 is providing 37 simulators and training devices to FSXXI.

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