ParkerVision Inc., a Florida-based provider of wireless communications technology for the consumer and OEM markets, has selected IBM Microelectronics to manufacture ultra-efficient digital power amplifiers and semiconductor products using IBM's 180 nm silicon germanium (SiGe) CMOS process technology. To fund its business plans, the company has raised $21.6 million from the sale of 2.88 million shares of its common stock at $7.50 per share, and warrants to purchase 720,000 additional shares at $9 per share.

ParkerVision's low-cost RF power amplifiers incorporate a proprietary digital architecture designed to replace traditional analog circuitry. The 180-nm SiGe CMOS process combined with ParkerVision's D2D technology will result in a single chip application that will enable manufacturers to design cost-effective wireless products with greater power efficiency and smaller size than ever before, according to ParkerVision. The linearity of the technology makes it applicable to all RF digital communications products, including applications such as 3G CDMA or OFDM used in higher data rate WiFi networking applications.

The company has also been developing its next generation of D2D-enabled, wireless networking products for residential and commercial users based on the 802.11g wireless standard. A cordless phone product that incorporates its D2D transceivers is expected to be available for sampling to potential channel partners in the second quarter. Both products are designed to achieve longer distances and better reliability than typical consumer solutions.