Raleigh, N.C. — Austriamicrosystems AG, a designer and manufacturer of integrated mixed signal ICs, announced the availability of an enhanced Product Design Kit (HIT-Kit) that the company says provides all of the necessary support for linking austriamicrosystems RF process technologies with Agilent Technologies Inc.'s RF Design Environment (RFDE).

The new HIT-Kit version 3.50 supports both the BiCMOS and the new silicon germanium (SiGe) versions of the austriamicrosystems 0.35µm technology node. These process technologies are modular extensions of, and fully CMOS compatible with, the 0.35µm mixed-signal CMOS baseline process, which is licensed from http://www.tsmc.com/Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC).

The RF capabilities of this SiGe-BiCMOS technology offer the potential to integrate RF blocks with baseband functions on the same chip, thereby reducing cost.

"Combining bipolar transistors that operate at frequencies of up to 70 GHz together with high-quality passive devices and high-density CMOS logic makes the S35 SiGe-BiCMOS process the ideal choice for the integration of RF blocks with baseband functions on the same chip," said Rainer Holzhaider, director of foundry services at austriamicrosystems.