Research and Markets has announced the addition of: WiMAX Market Forecast (2006-2010) to their offering. This report discusses the various aspects of WIMAX technology and gives an overview of the current WiMAX market. The future market prospects along with the upcoming trends have also been covered. A section has been specially covered on the key players of the WiMAX industry.

Although the WiMAX movement is mainly focused on the mobile industry prospects, it is the traditional fixed wireless market where the main implementation of WiMAX will take place for the first few years. It is only after 2009 that we see WiMAX in mobile technology implemented and used extensively.

The worldwide broadband market will grow swiftly and WiMAX can take the advantage. It is projected that the WiMAX equipment market will rise exponentially and will cross two billion in 2009. Analysts project the market to be three billion in 2010. WiMAX-certified products are expected to arrive in the last quarter of 2005 or the first quarter of 2006. However these products will be for fixed broadband only.

WiMAX has vast potential but it has to cross quite a few obstacles before becoming the global uniform broadband wireless platform. It has to overcome the initial high cost of its products, decide on a uniform spectrum allocation, various issues regarding mobility standard i.e. IEEE 802.16e and availability of WiMAX equipment.