Cellink has selected Staccato Communications' Ripcord family of single-chip, all-CMOS solutions for its PC dongle and hub products based upon Certified Wireless USB. Cellink's first Ripcord-based product shipments will begin in the fourth quarter in the United States and will eventually target European markets beginning in 2007.

“Staccato's highly integrated Ripcord chip enables us to deliver robust, cost-effective and easy-to-integrate products to our customers that will provide end-to-end Certified Wireless USB connectivity between PCs and peripherals,” said Michael Chen, CEO, Cellink.

According to a recently published report by In-Stat Research, the estimated worldwide market for UWB-enabled products is expected to reach 289 million units by 2010.

“This announcement by Staccato and Cellink is exciting because it represents the first product announcement we have seen for Certified Wireless USB. It also confirms our forecast that this market will begin this year and start an aggressive ramp in 2007. Single-chip CMOS solutions dominate Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, which bodes extremely well for Staccato's Ripcord solution,” said Chris Kissel, In-Stat Research analyst.

“ODMs like Cellink are choosing Ripcord because it supports their design and footprint goals with its single-chip, all-CMOS architecture. This enables small form factor, low power and low cost — key factors in PC, peripheral and consumer electronics design,” said Marty Colombatto, CEO of Staccato Communications.

“Staccato Communication's pooling of resources with global companies like Cellink demonstrates their leadership and commitment to bring Certified Wireless USB products to market by the end of this year,” said Jeff Ravencraft, president and chairman of the USB-IF.

For more information, visit, www.cellink.com.tw and www.staccatocommunications.com.