The USB Implementers Forum has announced that it will add support for ultrawideband frequencies above 6 GHz to the Wireless USB specification by the middle of 2007 as an addition to its existing support for frequencies below 5 GHz.

“Adding support for the upper UWB bands is a natural progression for Certified Wireless USB. We plan to have the specification extensions completed before the radios are ready, so that new products that require these frequencies can get to market as quickly as possible,” said Jeff Ravencraft, chairman and president of the USB Implementers Forum.

“Wireless USB support for frequencies above 6 GHz enables and accelerates market growth,” said Dave Fisher, CTO, Wireless, with Texas Instruments Residential Gateway and Embedded Systems Business Unit. “Upper-band operation is a welcome development for the handset and consumer electronics industries as it provides flexibility for product implementations, and lets those products leverage existing USB infrastructure for added high-speed wireless connectivity.”

“Worldwide adoption for ultrawideband across diverse applications continues to be a top priority for USB-IF and WiMedia Alliance. This advancement illustrates our successful efforts,” said Stephen Wood, president of the WiMedia Alliance. “The entire UWB ecosystem takes another step forward with the addition of these higher frequencies in the Wireless USB specification.”