Xirrus, Inc. announced the campus-wide deployment of its Xirrus Wi-Fi Arrays at Chapman University in Orange County, Calif. Chapman chose Xirrus because the Xirrus Wi-Fi Arrays are the only solution capable of solving the user density and bandwidth issues which continue to plague traditional access points.

The Wi-Fi arrays will be deployed first at the Marion Knott Studios and then rolled out across the entire campus, starting with the Davis Apartments and the Lastinger Athletics Complex.

“We looked at several Wi-Fi vendors, searching for a solution that could provide a pervasive and reliable connection for our more than 6,000 students in lecture halls, across open spaces, and in their living quarters – also one that could grow with us as we deployed VoIP phones and upgraded to 802.11n,” said Dave Young, director of IT at Chapman University. “We tested and were amazed at the capabilities of the Xirrus Wi-Fi Array: It provided the coverage, user density, and bandwidth we needed along with a simplified central management system and was completely upgradable to 802.11n – traditional access points couldn’t come close.”

“Chapman University has begun to install the Wi-Fi arrays in its film school and will quickly implement the new Wi-Fi network across the entire campus this summer, including their student housing comprised of five separate three-story buildings, Beckman Hall where dense coverage is needed for lecture halls, and other student and administration buildings campus-wide,” said Charles Bettinelli, regional sales manager at Xirrus.

“It will be refreshing to have a robust and highly intelligent Wi-Fi network that we can depend on and that does not require more wire than our wired network,” added Dave. “These wireless switches from Xirrus can indeed replace our workgroup switches, freeing our students and faculty from desks and improving communications for everyone.”