Cognio has announced the addition of SNMP to its spectrum management solution. With Spectrum Expert 3.1, shipping, WLAN operators can integrate spectrum information into their network management systems, receive traps and alarms based on performance and security information, and leverage Spectrum Expert running in a remote laptop as a wireless sensor for ongoing analysis. This capability adds valuable missing physical layer information to existing wireless management systems, making these systems more robust and better able to support the innovative, real-time communication services enterprise IT managers are moving to deploy.

Additionally, Cognio has integrated this same information into its base release, making the technology available not only through Cognio, but also through Cognio’s OEM relationships, including AirMagnet, Fluke Networks and WildPackets.

With Spectrum Expert 3.1, virtually any SNMP-based network management tool, such as HP OpenView, IBM Tivoli or even other open source offerings, is able to integrate spectrum information via Cognio’s new SNMP trap capabilities. This level of integration streamlines WLAN service management and delivery options, and makes it easier for enterprise IT managers to leverage, secure and optimize their wireless investment.

Simple network management protocol (SNMP) is an application layer protocol that facilitates the exchange of management information between network devices. It is part of the transmission control protocol/Internet protocol (TCP/IP) protocol suite. SNMP enables network administrators to manage network performance, find and solve network problems and plan for network growth.

AirWave, one of the most innovative wireless management solutions companies, will be able to utilize Cognio’s platform to extend its management capabilities of WLAN networks.

“With this upcoming integration, when the AirWave wireless network management software detects a performance problem in a particular area, IT can dispatch an engineer with Cognio’s Spectrum Expert to determine the cause of the problem and then transmit the information back to the management software via SNMP, creating a permanent record and audit trail,” said Greg Murphy, AirWave’s chief operating officer. “This type of integration helps IT managers identify and resolve RF problems more efficiently, resulting in improved performance and lower operational cost.”

In addition, OEMs of Cognio’s technologies, such as WildPackets, are leveraging these new capabilities to extend the functionality of their own solutions.

“Taking advantage of Cognio's SNMP traps and OmniPeek's open API, we're able to create a solution that accelerates problem-solving for network engineers,” said Mahboud Zabetian, president and CEO of WildPackets. “Using traps and filters, an engineer can ensure that 802.11a/b/g and now 802.11n traffic is captured and analyzed whenever a suspicious or problematic interferer appears in the spectrum. This makes it even easier for engineers to leverage the strengths of both Cognio's spectrum analysis technology and WildPackets' expert wireless analysis for troubleshooting and optimizing WiFi networks.”

OmniSpectrum, WildPackets’ spectrum analysis solution based on Cognio’s technologies, already integrates this solution as well.

“Physical layer visibility and policies are the difference between a convenience network that you occasionally use, and a business critical network that you can rely on to replace Ethernet in your business and provide employee mobility,” said Neil Diener, CTO of Cognio. “Cognio is working hard with our thousands of customers and with our partners to make it easier for IT managers to cut the cord and build wireless networks they can rely on for mobile connectivity.”