Open Kernel Labs and Sirrix Security Technologies have teamed up to develop a platform that can run multiple trusted environments and secure services on custom and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware. This solution is designed to meet the secure mobile computing needs of government, defense, financial institutions, and other organizations deploying secure applications. It also is designed to provide and protect mobile access to critical assets, restricted information, and secure services, both on mobile devices and in remote data centers, as well as in the cloud.

Even as smart phones and tablets become ubiquitous, government workers and employees at security-focused firms face mandates to use non-standard mobile platforms—devices and software that don’t accommodate lifestyle and work-style preferences. Additionally, these devices impose high acquisition, support, and upgrade costs on IT organizations. While this field is dominated by proprietary, highly purposed hardware and software, Open Kernel Labs and Sirrix say that their collaboration is distinguished by its openness and use of COTS components.

The joint prototype will run on readily available N900 mobile hardware and integrate the Sirrix Turaya Security Kernel (encryption, VPN, MTM/attestation, and trusted GUI) with the OK Labs OKL4 Microvisor to host the Sirrix Trusted Mobile Desktop alongside Android, Linux, and other guest operating systems in OKL4 secure cells. The solution also will be designed to enable secure services and target secured enterprise applications, hosting encrypted communications, secure voice and messaging, secure thin client hosting, and other software requiring high levels of trustworthiness.

Sirrix is showcasing the companies’ efforts at Trust 2010: the Third International Conference on Trust and Trustworthy Computing in Berlin, June 21-23. The company will highlight its trusted computing architecture built on OKL4 and present a technical paper titled “Toward a Trusted Mobile Desktop” at the event. The demonstration and paper will be followed by product and solution announcements in the third quarter.

Open Kernel Labs

Sirrix Security Technologies