ECS EliteGroup Computer Systems has selected the ComMAX CM1125 Multimode mobile WiMAX/EDGE baseband processor from Comsys Communication & Signal Processing Ltd. to power ECS’s new Mobile WiMAX devices (see the figure below). ECS EliteGroup demonstrated a prototype of its S370 Personal Internet Communicator working on both mobile WiMAX and GSM networks in Las Vegas last week during the 2009 International CES.

Besides supporting dual-mode mobile WiMAX and GSM/EDGE operation for voice and data services, the S370 enables voice service continuity between WiMAX VoIP and GSM CS voice with seamless handover—even when traveling at high speed—using a standard IMS/VCC solution. In addition, it integrates Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. For example, users can conduct a conversation using a Bluetooth headset while accessing information on the Internet, with full service continuity even when crossing between WiMAX and GSM/EDGE coverage areas.

The S370 also features a 3.8-in. full touchscreen 800- by 480-pixel TFT, built-in GPS, and motion detectors. It’s scheduled to be commercially available early in the second half of 2009.

The ComMAX line provides manufacturers with comprehensive multimode baseband solutions optimized to meet low-power and small-footprint requirements, with architectures spanning 2G to 4G standards, such as GSM/EDGE, mobile WiMAX, and 3GPP-LTE. The devices come with a handset reference design and a complete ecosystem.