Infineon Technologies' high-security contactless-interface microcontroller family, the SLE 66PE products, are designed to further advance performance and execution speeds for electronic passports, identity cards, e-government cards and payment cards. For global reader interoperability, every family member fully complies with all major present-day contactless interface formats with their respective data transmission protocols.

The contactless chips shorten authentication times by speeding up encryption and decryption operations. Their transaction speeds of up to 848 kbps for communicating with the reader device is twice the speed of today’s typical transaction. The integral security concept fulfills all mandatory international security requirements. The products are undergoing the Common Criteria “EAL 5+ high” certification process based on the BSI-PP-0002 protection profile.

For global interoperability, the SLE 66PE portfolio supports the complete range of contactless proximity interfaces, such as ISO/IEC 14443 Type B and Type A with optional ISO/IEC 18092 passive mode (Felica communication interface) and optional Mifare emulation.

The 66PE microcontrollers also feature contactless cryptography for RSA (Rivest, Shamir, Adlemen), DES (Data Encryption Standard), Triple-DES and Elliptic Curves, and a set of other security mechanisms including active protective shields on the surface of the chip and sensors that help prevent unauthorized people from reading the contents of the chip.

Infineon offers the world’s first security chips to enable concurrent usage of the contact-based and contactless interfaces allowing the payment to authenticate through the network while the user is on the phone, without interrupting the mobile connection.

Six devices within the new contactless SLE 66PE family are available now. These devices have various EEPROM size and contactless interface. All six products offer a contact-based interface according to ISO/IEC 7816 for usage in dual-interface applications.