UK’s CSR and Freescale Semiconductor will work in partnership to bring wireless connectivity to a number of Freescale's mobile and home consumer reference designs and development kits. Under the deal, CSR's BlueCore4-ROM chip will provide Bluetooth connectivity for Freescale's i.MXS development kit. The i.MXS development kit has been developed around i.MX multimedia applications processors.

In addition, Freescale plans to use two CSR technologies for the i.MX31 applications development system: BlueCore4 for Bluetooth and UniFi for WiFi connectivity. Both BlueCore for Bluetooth and UniFi for WiFi require few components, making the combination suitable for mobile applications such as portable media players (PMPs). According to CSR, its proprietary interference avoidance techniques ensure two wireless technologies are "aware" of each other, permitting Bluetooth and WiFi to be used simultaneously without compromising the quality of either. This means files can be downloaded from the Internet at the same time the user is listening to streaming stereo music over Bluetooth on headphones, said CSR.

Tracy Hopkins, vice president of CSR's Consumer Business Unit commented. "Our collaboration with Freescale is the latest of our longstanding partnerships. It is clear that the market for both Bluetooth and WiFi-enabled devices is growing rapidly with more and more classes of devices now available with wireless capability. As well as bringing highly integrated, low-power silicon to the table, peaceful coexistence between WiFi and Bluetooth is absolutely imperative." Hopkins continued, "We see the mobile consumer market as particularly important area for CSR in the short to mid-term"