This week at CTIA Wireless 2008 in Las Vegas, NV, wireless infrastructure solutions provider Powerwave Technologies, Inc. is displaying a prototype of its new 700 MHz multi-carrier power amplifier (MCPA) platform that supports mixed-mode operation compatible with CDMA/W-CDMA and OFDM/ OFDMA/LTE. And will be available for indoor and outdoor configurations, according to Powerwave Technologies.

“Powerwave is positioned to be first to market with a 700 MHz MCPA, to help carriers utilize the new spectrum,” said Ronald J. Buschur, Powerwave Technologies’ president and CEO. “The newest iteration of Powerwave’s proven line of MCPA’s, the 700 MHz offers industry-leading power density for module size versus power output, high-efficiency and multi-mode compatibility, providing network operators with unmatched performance while meeting coverage and capacity growth requirements with a compact, modular design.”

Offering high efficiency performance and low power consumption, the 700 MHz MCPA is a cost effective solution for extending the coverage or increasing the capacity of wireless base stations. The products’ instantaneous bandwidth of 30 MHz can be tuned to operate anywhere within the upper or lower 700 MHz band allocation, and offers typical output power of up to 135 Watts.

Representing a new opportunity for wireless carriers, the new 700 MHz spectrum is being created by the movement of analog UHF TV stations to the DTV band. The 700 MHz band is frequently described as “beachfront property” for its ability to propagate through buildings and other obstacles, as well as its longer range as compared to other spectrum in the U.S, noted Powerwave.

The FCC’s recent 700 MHz spectrum auction brought in more than $19.5 billion in bids. Upon conclusion, spectrum was allocated to a number of carriers, chief among them include Verizon and AT&T.