To enable network designers to evaluate the new ZigBee wireless standard in industrial application environments, Cirronet Inc. has readied ZigBee Developer Kit, the ZMN2400DK. It includes two 2.4-GHz serial interface boards, which are built around Cirronet’s high RF power (100-mW) ZigBee OEM module and feature both USB and RS-232 interfaces, plus power adapters, cables, antennas, batteries and demo software. Developers can use the kit to quickly test range, speed and operation in the real-time environment, using the same inputs that would drive an actual application, and can continue using the kit to develop system interfaces and control software.

The ZMN2400DK developer kit, including technical support, is available for $295. Cirronet will quickly follow up with the release of its ZMN2400DK Pro Developer Kit, which includes additional serial interface boards and a ZigBee serial gateway board to enable the creation of complete ZigBee networks.