Every Celluser in Cellville liked wireless a lot.
More data and other goodies — anything hot!
But the Grinch of 3G sat in his tower of tech,
“They'll never get it, that's my bet.”

The Grinch liked 2G really a lot.
“2G has 80% of what 3G's got.”
He looked for chips and clocks that made 3G work,
“The technology's somewhere,” he said with a smirk.

He read about what the ITU had wrought,
“It's too late for anyone” is what he thought.
“3G will be here soon,” the poohbaas said.
“But, it's too late,” snarled the Grinch from his bed.

The 3G products were starting to grow,
But the Grinch noted, “It's really too slow.”
“They promised it all, they promised a lot,
the wait has been long, longer than not.”

The Grinch smiled and looked up with a grin,
“If they bypass 3G, would it be a wireless sin?”
Cellusers in Cellville are an educated group.
Would they greet 3G with a moan or a whoop?

The Grinch used his 2G with pride and with joy.
“If 3G were here would it become just a toy?
I have what I have and I like it for sure,
and I don't think that 3G is all that pure.”

So, down to Cellville the Grinch he did glide,
His 3G feelings he could not hide.
The Cellusers in Cellville saw him come down with a thud,
And heard him yell, “Is 3G a dud?”

They looked at him between their boxes and clocks,
And yawned at 3G as they pulled on their sox.
“3G is too late, its promise is hallow.”
They agreed with the Grinch (a hard pill to swallow).

So, there is no 3G in Cellville today.
It may come, but who can say?
The Grinch is happy in his wireless way,
“I'll wait for 4G, come what may.”

Dear readers, thanks for your time.
I promise not to do another column in rhyme.
A Cat in the Hat is not for me,
So, an editor is what I guess I'll be.

Thanks for the inspiration Ted Geisel