RF modules supplier Endwave Corporation has released a new transmit-receive (Tx/Rx) module that operates over the E-band frequency spectrum from 71.0 GHz to 86.0 GHz. These modules enable broadband point-to-point radios to carry voice and data traffic at multi-gigabit per second rates.

Typical performance of the Tx/Rx module includes a conversion gain of 15 dB and an output power of 16 dBm, with an integrated power detector on the Tx output. Higher-power transmitter options are also available on request, said the manufacturer. Endwave’s E-band receiver provides a noise figure (NF) of 9 dB, better than 25 dB of RF-to-IF conversion gain, and an input 1 dB compression point (P1dB) of -25 dBm. Separate models cover the 71GHz -76 GHz and 81GHz -86 GHz operating bands. Both Tx and Rx use an MLMS sub-harmonic mixer topology that provides a single level of conversion direct from E-Band to IF. By comparison to fundamental mixer approaches, this architecture significantly reduces the cost of the local oscillator (LO) circuit chain, said the maker.

According to Endwave, the E-band Tx/Rx modules employ proprietary technologies like the multilithic microsystems (MLMS) and Epsilon packaging, in a single RF subsystem to facilitate low cost and small size. Epsilon enables mixed chip-on-board and SMT on a single printed circuit structure, and MLMS uses active flip-chip circuits and EM coupling methods to minimize semiconductor real estate and RF wire-bonding.