Global IP Solutions today announced its VideoEngine Mobile for the Windows Mobile OS. VideoEngine Mobile allows peer-to-peer video calling and multi-point video conferencing in less than optimal conditions, according the GIPS.

Partnering with Marvell Technology, GIPS hopes to ensure its multimedia software has the cutting edge applications available. The partnership is also aiming to create an optimized solution for devices with Marvell’s XScale PXA310 processor, such as Hewlett Packard’s iPAQ pocket PCs, Samsung’s SGH-i780, and Gigabyte’s GSmart MS808.

“Today’s mobile phone users demand the best in quality and rich functionality, which is why there is an enormous opportunity for application developers and wireless carriers to offer real-time video calls to the masses,” said Emerick Woods, Global IP Solutions’ CEO. “Our expertise in enabling IP communications will allow mobile phone users the highest quality video calling experience possible.”

GIPS plans on adding its VideoEngine Mobile solution to other platforms such as the iPhone and Symbian in future versions. The company also looks to add additional hardware platforms to the Windows Mobile OS.