Research and Markets has announced the addition of RFID in Healthcare 2006-2016 to its offering. The RFID business is growing so fast that few applicational sectors within it can grow faster. However, Healthcare RFID is doing just that--a 23 fold growth to $2.1 billion in 2016--primarily thanks to the new tagging of drugs for anti-counterfeiting and real time location of staff, patients and assets for safety, security and cost control.

Other developments include automated error reduction. For example, RFID-enabled compliance monitoring blisterpacks are newly popular. Error-preventing RFID is increasingly used in instruments and equipment. This unique 249 page report gives a full technical and market analysis illustrated by 70 case studies of RFID in action in hospitals, care homes and in the home. It is a vital resource for the healthcare profession and all who wish to support it. This report has been globally researched by technical specialists and launched in 2006. Its segmented forecasts up to 2016 are based on hundreds of case studies, dozens of interviews and attending numerous conferences on four continents.