CSR has unwrapped its seventh generation BlueCore silicon, the BlueCore7. The supplier claims it is the world’s first single-chip solution to combine Bluetooth v2.1+EDR, Bluetooth low energy, eGPS (enhanced Global Positioning System), and FM transmit and receive capabilities on a single die. As a result, it significantly reduces the power, size, cost and complexity of adding multiple radios into a mobile phone.

In fact, alongside an enhanced Bluetooth v2.1 + EDR radio which delivers +1 dBm Tx and –91 dBm Rx, the BlueCore7 integrates on a 90 nm CMOS chip Bluetooth low energy, eGPS and FM Tx and Rx functionalities. Plus, it includes the maker’s proprietary AuriStream voice CODEC, which produces the quality of a fixed line call when using a Bluetooth connection and is capable of a 30% reduction in power consumption.

Matthew Phillips, senior vice president of CSR’s mobile handset connectivity strategic business unit commented, “BlueCore7 is a truly intelligent new architecture that integrates more wireless technologies on a single chip than any other product on the market. Building upon our strengths in Bluetooth and our expertise in embedded wireless technologies, BlueCore7 delivers a robust and comprehensive solution that boasts the industry’s leading power and performance figures.” Phillips continued, “We have seen high demand from our customers for Bluetooth, GPS and FM functionality, coupled with an industry need to keep cost, size and power consumption of such technologies to a minimum. CSR's core focus is and always has been in embedded wireless connectivity and due to customer demand we have now developed a connectivity center that reduces the complexity of integrating multiple radios into mobile phones and other consumer portable electronic devices.”

BlueCore7 is sampling now in QFN and WLCSP packaging and will be in volume production in the fourth quarter. To support additional applications, other variants of BlueCore7 will follow this initial ROM version, said CSR.