Agilent Technologies has a new program that guarantees a turnaround time of five business days for popular instruments covered by a serialized calibration contract. If the five-day commitment is not met, the customer receives their next calibration at no charge.

"Regularly scheduled calibration by the manufacturer is the best way for our customers to ensure 'like-new' performance of their equipment throughout its lifetime," said Eric Senesi, vice president and general manager of Agilent's Electronic Measurements Group service and support organization. "Our turnaround-time guarantee enhances their confidence in measurement results with the assurance that key instruments will have high availability for their intended use."

Agilent will track the five-day period automatically, starting on the day it receives the instrument, and ending when the unit is shipped back to the customer. If the turnaround time exceeds five days, the customer will receive an automatic one-interval extension of their contract (typically 12 months), providing one free calibration. Eligible instruments include a wide range of digital multimeters, universal sources, counters, oscilloscopes, signal sources, power meters, spectrum analyzers and network analyzers. A complete list of specific models, participating local service centers and regional availability, can be found on Agilent's website.