Secured Digital Applications and Collier Consulting have announced the installation of a radio frequency identification (RFID) accounting system in the Lincoln Mercury dealership in Memphis, TN to showcase Secured Digital’s integrated financial accounting and RFID tracking applications.

Chad Collier, president of Collier Consulting, stated, “This installation will enable automotive dealers to spend hands-on time experiencing and evaluating the savings of monies and time through the tremendous technology available through Secured Digital's accounting system. To be successful today, you must constantly be aware of all phases of your operation and we are confident that Secured Digital’s RFID technology will prove invaluable in keeping our clients a step ahead of the competition.”

“This was a major step in getting the exposure of the products and technology offered through Secured Digital into the United States marketplace,” stated Patrick Lim, chairman and CEO of Secured Digital.
Patrick Lim further commented: “This new installation will make available to automotive dealerships of all sizes across the United States, a working flagship model of Secured Digital's technology. It is so much easier to see the opportunities that our system will provide, when you see the system at work in an environment, similar to what you experience on a daily basis. We are very excited about the doors that we feel this installation will open in the United States market.”