Tropos Networks and Solana Technologies Inc. recently announced that the city of Las Vegas, New Mexico is currently deploying the Tropos MetroMesh Wi-Fi system to provide mobile wireless connectivity for the Las Vegas Police Department.

The city-owned and operated network will initially allow Las Vegas to improve public safety by enabling critical police connectivity in the field, enhancing productivity, while reducing costs.

“Our goal is to provide a city-owned and operated wireless network that will allow the city to provide a higher level of service to our citizens,” said Lt. Eugene Garcia, of the Las Vegas Police department and county and city emergency manager. “The network will enable us to extend the knowledge, informational resources and databases available in city offices to public safety.”

The network will initially cover seven square miles using Tropos 5210 outdoor MetroMesh routers. Tropos 4210 mobile routers will be installed in police vehicles, permitting immediate access to critical state and federal databases. The Tropos 4210s extend coverage to remote areas not otherwise reachable by the Wi-Fi network.

“We chose the Tropos MetroMesh system over other alternatives because it provided the highest performance and coverage with the fewest units and was hands down the most cost-effective and easiest to deploy solution,” said Kim McCaffrey, president of Solana Technologies Inc. “In addition, it provides us with a platform for future public safety applications such as real-time video for police cars and video surveillance.”

“We are pleased to work with Solana Technologies on deploying our MetroMesh system for the public safety benefit of the community of Las Vegas, New Mexico,” said Ron Sege, president and CEO of Tropos Networks. “The city will take a special place in Tropos’ history as our 500th customer.”