LeCroy Corporation will begin shipments in March of the UWBTracer system for analyzing WiMedia ultrawideband (UWB) radio platforms and devices based on the certified wireless USB (WUSB) specification. The UWBTracer analyzer allows design and validation engineers to see and understand the WUSB traffic, to find problems quickly and to validate the adherence of the protocol to timing specifications. The UWBTracer's extensible design provides for future upgrades as the needs of early adopters change and this new communication standard matures.

WUSB connections are initially expected to replace traditional wired USB in select computer and consumer electronics products, such as plasma displays, home entertainment systems, printers, digital cameras, hard disk drives, desktop and notebook PCs. Industry analysts expect there will be more than 1.1 billion products sold that employ wired USB in 2008, resulting in significant potential for WUSB. Longer term, a wide range of lower-priced consumer electronics and PCs are expected to adopt this new wireless standard. The UWBTracer is implemented on LeCroy's new CATC 5K platform that was designed specifically for the demands of multichannel analysis and testing of WiMedia, certified wireless USB and USB traffic. The system has powerful triggering, search, statistics (both real-time and post-capture) and event reporting functionality to identify possible errors and issues in the captured traffic. LeCroy's patented CATC trace hierarchical display shows the multilayer aspect of the protocol's structure from bottom to top, in summary fashion or in complete detail. The UWBTracer analyzer is now available to order.