Catalog offers broad line of rectangular connectors

Harting's latest release, The Heavy Duty Han Connector Catalog, is a source for signal and power connection solutions in robotics, metal forming, plastics, semiconductor, telecommunications, automotive, rail, pulp and paper, textile and other industries. The catalog has an easy-to-read format for selection of industry-standard multi-pin connectors and offers an extensive line of rectangular connector technology.

Brochure highlights product capabilities

A new brochure highlighting the product capabilities of Tyco Electronics is now available. The 26-page brochure reviews the products available from Tyco Electronics and describes the industries the company serves. Each page of the brochure is dedicated to the products suitable for a specific industry. Other product-centric pages are dedicated to interconnection systems, application tooling, terminal blocks, printed circuit boards, circuit protection, relays, switches, electronic modules, fiber optics, wireless products, battery packs, wire harnessing protection, wire and cable products and touchscreens. A directory of worldwide Tyco Electronics phone numbers is also included.
Tyco Electronics

Third-party handbook features support vendors

Microchip Technology's Third Party Guide features third-party development support suppliers for Microchip's PICmicro family of RISC microcontrollers, serial EEPROMS and microperipheral products. The 2001 edition features more than 110 companies worldwide who manufacture accessories, assemblers, compilers, real-time operating systems, emulators, linkers, programmers, simulators and software that directly support Microchip's PICmicro microcontrollers and memory products. The guide features a cross-reference matrix that provides the selection of third-party tools and the Microchip products they support, and also provides third-party location information.
Microchip Technology

Coaxial connector catalog provides specification data

The Microwave Coaxial Connector Catalog, from Dynawave, provides specification data for electrical, mechanical and environmental parameters, along with material and finish information for the connector body, spring, center contact, insulator and O' Ring. Detailed schematics are provided for the connectors, jacks, plugs, adapters, interconnects, and accessories. The catalog also includes an index that cross-references part numbers to the page they appear on. Products listed in the catalog include the Dynamate Blind-Mate connector, Dynacon interconnects and Dynaseal cable assemblies for MIC component packaging.

Broadband brochure features DC blocking

Dielectric Laboratories announces its new Ultra Broadband DC Blocking Capacitor brochure. Featured in this brochure are the Opti-Cap and Milli-Cap broadband solutions, as well as 0603- and 0805-size broadband DC blocks. The Opti-Cap takes advantage of Milli-Cap characteristics such as the 0502 footprint, high Q, very low series inductance and combines it with high value capacitance for coverage from DC to light (12 KHz to 40+ GHz). While the DC blocking capabilities are the key feature, the overall size of .055" 2 with an 0502 footprint, combined with single-step assembly makes this useful for fiber optic applications such as OC-192 and OC-768. The Opti-Cap is designed for conductive epoxy attachment to the board. The Milli-Cap provides broadband width resonance-free performance, with low loss and high series resonance. This product covers the bands applicable to digital radios, LMDS, SONET, filters, and test equipment. The technology uses single layer capacitors in a surface mount package that allows for coverage in frequencies of 20 MHz to 40+ GHz depending on product selected.
Dielectric Laboratories

On The Web

PCB design guide available on Web

Trompeter Electronics' new Printed Circuit Board Design Guide offers tutorial-style information on RF signals and how to manage them, along with a selection of coax connector products for effective transport of high-frequency signals on and off a PCB. The guide is available for direct download at the company's Web site.
Trompeter Electronics

Site resource for communications test

Anritsu's new Web site is a resource for engineers looking for communications test solutions and optical and microwave components and devices. The site also provides information on the company's other product lines, including network solutions and industrial automation. Engineers working on data communications, fiber optic, microwave/RF, telecommunications, and wireless systems will find detailed specifications on test and measurement products. Among those detailed are BERTS, cable and antenna analyzers, VNAs, fault management systems, power meters, and radio communications analyzers. Also listed on the Web site is Anritsu's line of components and devices.