C&D Technologies has introduced a dual-sampling, 2 megasample per second, 14-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) for high-end, dual-channel applications that demand low-noise, high-performance operation. Available in commercial and military temperature range options, the Datel ADSD-1402S ADC is a compact, low-power device that delivers 'no-missing-code' performance over the full operating temperature range.

The ADC is suitable for a variety of high-end scientific and military imaging applications--as well as dual-channel I/Q (in-phase and quadrature) applications--in communications, radar and sonar systems. In addition, the large-signal input bandwidth of 12 MHz makes the ADSD-1402S ideal for wideband, multichannel spectrum and FFT-based applications.

The ADSD-1402S is supplied in a low-cost, 40-pin SMT TDIP package incorporating an 'out-of-range' indicator, as well as the timing and control logic necessary to operate from a single, edge-triggered 'start convert' pulse. Output data is provided with none of the pipeline delays usually associated with high-resolution, monolithic, multipass converters. The typical rms noise level is 250 microvolts, while the signal-to-noise ratio is 80 dB. The ADC contains two fast-settling sample/hold amplifiers, two 14-bit ADCs, multiplexed-output buffers and a precision reference. The device operates from ±5 V supply with a power consumption of 600 mW and is available in options for use over the commercial (0 º to 70 ºC) and military (-55 ºC to 125 ºC) temperature ranges.

Delivery of the ADSD-1402S converters is stock to two weeks for small-quantity orders; production quantities ship in four to six weeks. Pricing for quantities of 100 and above is $195 each for the ADSD-1402S commercial operating temperature range ADC, and $254 for the ADSD-1402S-EX military temperature range option.