MaxStream Inc. announced the release of its 9XCite 900 MHz wireless OEM module.

The 9XCite module has a power output of 1 mW and is pin-for-pin and software compatible with MaxStream's 100 mW 9XStream 900 MHz transceiver. This compatibility allows OEMs the convenience of designing only one interface for integrating wireless links of various power requirements into their applications, the company says.

The transceiver boasts a -108 dBm receive sensitivity, which allows the 9XCite to compete with modules operating at 10 times the power output (10 mW), the company says. The 9XCite will communicate 300 feet (90 meters) indoors and in urban environments, and 1,000 feet (300 meters) line-of-sight with dipole antennas.

The 9XCite module accepts 2.85 VDC to 5.50 VDC. The transmit and receive current is < 50 mA, and power down current can operate as low as 20 µA. Data throughput is user selectable at 9600 bps or 38400 bps, and provides interface data rates from 1200 bps to 57600 bps. Frequency hopping or single channel modes are also user selectable. Support for RS-232 is available for peer-to-peer, point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and multi-drop networking topologies.

The 9XCite 900 MHz wireless OEM module development kits are available for $199. The 9XCite modules are available for $37 in quantities of 1,000. Higher volume pricing is available.
MaxStream Inc.
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