MicroWave Technology Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of IXYS Corporation, released a family of eight high linearity power amplifiers (PAs) for Wi-Fi (802.11) and WiMAX (802.16d/e) standards for all three frequency bands, 2.4-2.7 GHz, 3.3-3.7 GHz, and 4.9-5.9 GHz. The power amplifiers of the "WPS" series have an output power with 1 dB gain compression up to 36 dBm with IP3 as high as 50 dBm and error vector magnitude (EVM) less than 2% at 29 dBm output power level under 64 QAM modulation schedule with 256 WiMAX carriers.

The typical gain across the bands is 14 dB. The power amplifiers have more than 100 years of mean-time-toward-failure (MTTF) at 150C junction temperature and are available in pb-free surface-mount leadless 02 packages and flange packages.

The company also offers MPS series products as high linearity drivers suitable for driving the WPS power amplifier series for the same Wi-Fi and WiMAX frequency bands. Those drivers have an output power with 1 dB gain compression of 29 dBm with IP3 of 45 dBm and EVM less than 2.5% at 22 dBm output power level under WiMAX modulation scheme. The typical gain across the bands is 13 dB.

In addition, the company recently released two FET products in the SOT89 package, MwT-1789HL and MwT-1789NL, for generic linear power and low noise applications. Those packaged FET's deliver superior high dynamic range performance from 0.9 to 4.0 GHz.

Samples of the: WPS, MPS and MwT type products, and the corresponding evaluation boards are available. Please contact the factory for sample requests and pricing.