Real-Time Innovations' (RTI) Data Distribution Service has been incorporated into the implementation of the Raytheon total ship computing environment infrastructure (TSCEI) release 4.0. RTI Data Distribution Service enhances TSCEI to deliver robust and reliable real-time data distribution over a comprehensive shipboard network.

TSCEI is an open architecture platform for software application development for the U.S. Navy DDG 1000 Zumwalt Class Destroyer program. TSCEI is composed of an integrated suite of standardized hardware, operating system, middleware and infrastructure services. It forms the backbone of the robust, enterprise-network computing system on which all DDG 1000 application software programs run. Among TSCEI 4.0's new enhancements is support for IBM blade server processors running the Red Hat Linux operating system.

RTI Data Distribution Service provides the real-time data distribution layer for TSCEI, enabling high throughput and low latency messaging be-tween shipboard applications. TSCEI provides the backbone behind all mission-critical applications, including command-and-control, navigation, targeting, weapons control, and radar systems. RTI Data Distribution Service enables these applications to reliably share data and coordinate defenses.

Furthermore, the publish-subscribe mechanism used by RTI ensures that new applications can be seamlessly integrated into the environment with the ability to subscribe to existing data and publish new data.

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