Mirics Semiconductor has readied a complete RF, host interface and software demodulation solution for the PC platform to enable reception of all global analog and digital broadcast standards (e.g. FM, DVB-T, ATSC, DTMB) on all notebook PCs. Called FlexiTV, it enables a sub-$5 bill of materials (BOM) for a complete PCTV MiniCard, allowing manufacturers to develop a single broadcast receiver for global deployment, thereby benefiting from simplified manufacturing logistics and substantial economies of scale.

Mirics has combined its multi-standard RF tuner capability with its algorithmic expertise to develop the world’s first universal antenna-to-LCD broadcast receiver solution, claimed the maker. By implementing software demodulation running on a host processor, the FlexiTV leverages the power and abundant system memory of today’s PC platforms. This allows nomadic reception of global analog and digital broadcasts without requiring multiple silicon-based demodulators or additional system memory, according to Mirics. In addition to reducing system cost and silicon real estate, the FlexiTV solution also provides an easy standards upgrade path via software reconfigurability, enabling future-proofing against emerging or variant broadcast standards, noted Mirics.

The FlexiTV solutions comprise a host-based software demodulator paired with a ‘SmartTuner’ which performs the multi-band RF tuning and digital interfacing to the host. The MSi3101 is the first in a series of SmartTuner products, and combines Mirics’ proven MSi001 poly-band tuner and the MSi2500 USB interface chip. The MSi001 features unique FlexiRF tuner architecture enabling low-power multi-band reception from 150 kHz to 1.9 GHz. The MSi2500 integrates analog to digital conversion, MSi001-optimized digital signal processing, a control host and standard high speed USB 2.0 connectivity.

According to the manufacturer, the FlexiTV solution will be demonstrated at Computex Taipei in Taiwan next month. It is priced at $3 in volume.