Agilent Technologies Inc. has introduced a Bluetooth Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) option for the Agilent N4010A wireless connectivity test set. Using the test set's new option 105, engineers now can test Bluetooth EDR connectivity during the development, integration and manufacturing of chipsets, modules and devices. The addition of a Bluetooth EDR capability builds on Agilent's commitment to keep introducing emerging communications technologies on the N4010A.

When configured, Agilent's N4010A wireless connectivity test set provides accurate and effective testing of Bluetooth EDR radio transmitter mode and receiver mode. The options required include Bluetooth option 101 and the EDR option 105. Key transmitter measurements include carrier frequency stability, modulation accuracy and relative transmitter power. Receiver measurements include EDR sensitivity, EDR BER floor performance and EDR maximum input level. These transmitter and receiver measurements enable the early characterization of emerging EDR designs.

The Agilent N4010A, the industry's first one-box test set that measures WLAN 802.a/b/g, Bluetooth and Bluetooth EDR modules from a single platform, continues to provide measurements for an increasing number of wireless networking standards. The test set supports all chipset manufacturers and provides simpler system integration, improved RF performance and faster, more accurate measurements. These capabilities combined with the test set's low price significantly reduce the cost of testing WLAN, Bluetooth and Bluetooth EDR modules.