Real-Time Innovations (RTI) and Sperry Marine have collaborated to incorporate RTI’s Data Distribution Service into the development of a Navigation Data Distribution System (NavDDS) that seamlessly interfaces a wide variety of electronic navigation sensors with shipboard systems and equipment requiring navigation information. The product was released and shipped to Sperry Marine's first customer in August 2006.

The NavDDS solution can be configured to support anything from a simple half-duplex interface with a single sensor up to a large-scale system with dual-redundant servers running complex software that distributes time-critical data from multiple sensors. NavDDS can also disseminate navigation information via traditional transport mechanisms such as RS-422 and synchro and via Ethernet by leveraging RTI's real-time publish-subscribe messaging capabilities.

A significant advantage of employing RTI Data Distribution Service within the NavDDS system is because the publish-subscribe architecture does not require specific design knowledge of remote devices leveraging the middleware system (such as weapon-and-command or control systems). Furthermore, the RTI auto-discovery capability gives system designers the flexibility to seamlessly add entirely new systems to the architecture without having to reconfigure existing subsystems.

Of importance to Sperry Marine was the ability to work within the context of an open architecture so devices with different data formats and interfaces could be easily integrated into the network. An additional NavDDS requirement was to distribute real-time data over the primary Ethernet transport, which is inherently non-deterministic. RTI Data Distribution Service is based on the Object Management Group Data Distribution Service (DDS) and provides the technical functionality that helped to meet these design challenges.