SkyCross has announced a new product line supporting WiMAX. SkyCross pioneered this technology in South Korea with antennas for WiBro, the Korean standard of WiMAX. SkyCross designed and manufactured the first internal and the first external antennas for WiBro.

SkyCross is applying its experience with WiBro in Korea to similar WiMAX networks for last-mile broadband connectivity in other parts of the world. The internal and external antennas in this product family can be used independently or together in the same device to provide better diversity gain for increased reception and broader coverage.

The SkyCross antennas for WiMAX standards are applicable to a variety of mobile platforms including PC cards, notebook computers, handsets and ultra-mobile personal computers (UMPCs), which are small tablet PCs for data on the go. SkyCross achieves this flexibility with custom engineering that accommodates the allotted antenna space and other components in these various devices. The results are high-performance antennas that meet the demands of manufacturers and users.

SkyCross recently announced other next-generation product family additions, including mobile video antennas for terrestrial services such as terrestrial digital multimedia broadcasting (T-DMB) and digital video broadcasting – handheld (DVB-H).