AirMagnet Inc. announced solutions to properly deploy and manage new 802.11n networks or to integrate 11n into existing networks. The new products include AirMagnet Laptop Analyzer PRO 8.0 and AirMagnet Survey PRO 6.0. Available as a suite or as standalone solutions, the new products provide the first comprehensive set of mobile tools specifically designed for pre-deployment planning and ongoing management of 802.11n networks.

AirMagnet Laptop Analyzer PRO and AirMagnet Survey PRO have been updated for educating users on the impact of 11n, simulating deployment scenarios, and optimizing ongoing security and performance management. Both products have been updated with new AirWISE (AirMagnet’s proprietary intelligence engine) educational features that explain and advise on some of the most common problems facing 802.11n network users. Additionally, the products have been updated with a variety of modeling tools that can streamline the planning process and can help answer questions such as, “What throughput changes can I expect as I deploy new APs or STAs in the environment?” or “What is the overhead in supporting legacy devices?”

AirMagnet Laptop Analyzer PRO 8.0

  • 802.11n Device Throughput Calculator that calculates and compares the expected performance metrics for an 802.11n Access Point based on user input for 802.11n parameters.
  • WLAN Throughput Simulator that captures the existing infrastructure environment and calculates the network throughput and overhead under user-specified conditions.
  • Tools to help users get the maximum value out of their 802.11n infrastructure, by analyzing conversations between the AP and station, and pin-pointing areas where the 802.11n high throughput options are not being well used.
  • Learning Assistant that provides detailed explanations in plain, straightforward language on key 802.11n technologies behind the protocol.
  • The ability to automatically detect 802.11n issues including co-existence problems with legacy devices, 802.11n device mis-configurations, QoS issues and more.
  • Channel Occupancy and Interference Analysis features to get a “bird’s eye view” of RF Spectrum usage by 802.11 devices.

AirMagnet Survey PRO 6.0

  • AirMagnet Survey allows users to conduct active and Iperf surveys to take multipath at every location into account.
  • Users can verify if the 802.11n network meets the design goals and educate themselves on the issues of meeting or not meeting certain requirements.
  • Users can verify their readiness for a Greenfield or mixed-mode deployment, the device MCS Index and the use of the 20/40 MHz Channel width.
  • New coverage maps that verify the operational mode.
  • WLAN Throughput Simulator tool that helps optimize the network deployment.

AirMagnet is also announcing a custom-built AirMagnet 802.11a/b/g/n Wireless PC card to support the new versions of AirMagnet Laptop Analyzer PRO and AirMagnet Survey PRO.

AirMagnet Laptop Analyzer PRO 8.0, AirMagnet Survey PRO 6.0 and the AirMagnet 802.11a/b/g/n Wireless PC card are available now. If purchased separately, U.S. list price is $3,995 for AirMagnet Laptop Analyzer PRO, $3,695 for AirMagnet Survey PRO and $150 for the custom wireless PC card. Additionally, a promotional bundle for 802.11n is available for a limited time that includes all three products for $7,305.