has announced that a new market research report related to the worldwide telecommunication industry is available to its catalog:
WiMAX Market and Business Assessment: Access, Affordability, and Applications for Education.

This is a unique report as it focuses on the three A's (access, affordability, and applications) when considering a WiMAX deployment. The author leverages his real-world experience of deploying a large-scale WiMAX system for a major metropolitan educational institution to instruct others about the many opportunities for WiMAX in education.

Not only is this a valuable resource for those seeking business drivers for WiMAX, his method of evaluating using the three A's can be used for any purpose to evaluate deployment issues and options.

This publication provides an easy-to-understand process for assessing the parameters for a school district-wide WiMAX deployment (access, affordability and applications). It provides case study analysis based on a project in progress in Palm Beach County, Fla. of TV over WiMAX, "controlled" Internet access, school financing/savings.

The reader may use the author's unique approach to the 3A's of WiMAX as a process and framework to determine feasibility and launch plan for any potential WiMAX project or application-driven deployment.

- One-to-one computing (one laptop per student) is a powerful market driver for the deployment of WiMAX as a wireless broadband access technology.

- School districts could provide broadband wireless Internet/intranet access for their students at home for as little as $40 per student in capital expenditure of $1/month per student in operational expenditures.

- WiMAX-enabled laptops may be the only way for public schools to comply with federal mandates in education (NCLB, ATTAIN).

- WiMAX provides a low-cost means for crossing the digital divide.

- The WiMAX in education market could be $1.8 billion by 2015.