Opera Software has released the first public version of the Opera Mobile 9.5 beta Web browser, now available at www.opera.com/products/mobile. Like the latest version of Opera Mini, it defaults to page overview mode, so users can view the entire Web page and instantly recognize the Web site. Its sleek, new user interface also offers easier and more intuitive navigation thanks to panning and zooming options.

Developers can take advantage of Opera Dragonfly. With this tool set, developers can debug JavaScript, inspect cascading style sheets (CSSs) and the document object model (DOM), and view any errors, making development for mobile phones even easier. In fact, developers can use their Opera desktop browser to debug sites on their mobile phone through the Opera Mobile 9.5 debug menu.

According to the company, Opera Mobile 9.5 improves upon Opera Mobile 8.65’s performance. In addition to faster speeds, users can save pages and images right to their phones with a click. Opera also calls it the most standards-compliant browser available. A comprehensive reviewer’s guide is available at www.opera.com/press/reviews/mobile.

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