A deal has been struck to transfer control of StratEdge Corp. to a management group headed by Tim Going. As a result of this agreement, Going becomes president and chairman of the board of StratEdge, a company that designs and produces packages for high-speed semiconductors. Going was formerly vice president of sales and marketing at Stratedge for nine years and has been operating as interim president since July 2003.

Because of this tranfer of ownership, the Taunton, Mass., operations have been moved to the company's headquarters in San Diego, Calif. All products, product development and deliveries are unaffected by the change.

Founded in 1992, Stratedge designs, manufactures and provides test and assembly services for IC packages capable of operation at frequencies up to 50 GHz and above. The company's offerings include low-cost hermetic surface-mount packages based on molded glass, ceramic packages, and metal packages.