The Department of the Navy and Electronic Data Systems have approved the Telkonet iWire System power line networking platform as a networking solution for use within the Navy and Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) computing environment.

Awarded to EDS in October 2000, the $6.9 billion government program was designed to unify thousands of disparate Navy and Marine Corps computer applications, networks and peripherals throughout the world into a single, secure, enterprise-class computing platform. In March 2006, EDS was awarded a contract extension for NMCI through 2010.

The Navy Marine Corps Intranet provides the Department of the Navy with network-based information services on a single, enterprise-wide intranet. Through NMCI, the Navy and Marine Corps will gain secure, universal access to integrated voice, video and data communications. The common environment will improve security across the enterprise, periodically integrate the most up-to-date commercial technologies and centralize information technology budgeting and expenditures for the department. Applications supported by the Telkonet "platform" include VoIP telephones, Internet connectivity, local area networking, video conferencing and closed-circuit security surveillance.

Eventually, the NMCI network will link more than 400,000 workstations and laptops for 500,000 Navy and Marine Corps users across the continental United States, Hawaii, Cuba, Guam, Japan and Puerto Rico.

Telkonet develops and markets technology for the high-speed transmission of secure voice, video and data communications over in-premise and shipboard electrical wiring.