RF circulators

The HDRFI series of RF circulators from Tensolite is based upon the D38999 MIL-SPEC and accepts the same hardware and backshells that are currently available. This product line comes in two versions: the fully loaded version with up to 34 40 GHz RF contacts, or the mixed-signal version that combines the RF contacts with size-20 power contacts. The RF-circular products are ideal when upgrading legacy systems that use typical 38999-type connectors for increased performance or to reduce the amount of connections in a box by combining RF and power signals into the same circular connector. Other custom designs may include the direct attachment of the HDRFI contact to the planar array.
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Military-qualified resistors

IRC's Advanced Film Division has received approvals for 16 DSCC drawings. The military-qualified products include the MIL-chip series, PFC military series and TMC military series precision chip resistors; 1900 series TaNFilm precision DIP resistor networks; 4700 series TaNFilm precision SIP resistor networks; CCN series TaNFilm precision chip carrier resistor networks; FP series TaNFilm precision flat-pack resistor networks; and SON series TaNFilm precision leadless resistor networks.

IRC meets the following military qualifications: MIL-PRF-55342; MIL-PRF-83401; MIL-PRF-83401/13 and 14; and MIL-PRF-83401-H. The approved DSCC drawings include: DSCC 87012, DSCC 87013, DSCC 87014, DSCC 87015, DSCC 87016, DSCC 87017, DSCC 87018, DSCC 87025, DSCC 87033, DSCC 87064, DSCC 88016, DSCC 88020, DSCC 94015, DSCC 94016, DSCC 01033, and DSCC 02010.
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Millimeter-wave amplifiers

The Endwave LA series of millimeter-wave amplifiers are 10 models covering 33 GHz to 75 GHz in up to 20 GHz bandwidths. They feature P1dB input powers as high as +11 dBm, noise figures as low as 7 dB, and gain options from 10 dB to 40 dB. Additional performance characteristics include input/output VSWR of 2.2:1, and gain flatness of ±3.0 dB.

PHEMT-device technology and thin-film hybrid construction are used to achieve these characteristics. They are ideal for EW, ECM, and instrumentation applications. Endwave offers a full range of packaging configurations and RF interface options, including 2.4 mm, 1.85 mm coaxial configurations, plus waveguide options to cover all the various millimeter-wave bandwidths.

They can be modified with any of the following options: variable gain control, input/output isolators, input limiters, limiting amplifiers, TTL switching, waveguide interfaces, phase tracking, temperature compensation, detector output, gain matching, hermetic packages, and bias-T outputs. Environmental screening is also available.
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Conformal coating for electronics

Liquiguard Technologies' Liquiguard conformal coating protects electronic devices and printed circuit assemblies from damage when exposed to moisture, water, beverages, non-corrosive liquids and even mild solvents. More than a moisture repellant, the coating will continue to protect a powered-up electronic device in case the device accidentally becomes fully immersed in water or other non-corrosive liquid. Liquiguard bonds with the PCB and its components. Its ability to safeguard the PCB with a one-mil-thick film has the added advantage of heat dissipation and ease of repair without prior removal of the coating. Due to its good weathering and aging properties, Liquiguard can also be used to protect electrical assemblies exposed to the elements.

The coating has the following electrical properties (certified results provided by Pacific Testing Laboratories in California); insulation resistance, per IPC-TM-650, method 2.6.3, 1.0 × 1011 (after humidity cycling); dielectric withstanding voltage, ML-PRF-55110G, paragraph A. and A., >1200 V/mil; dielectric strength test method ASTM D-49, breakdown voltage KVac, rms average of 1200 V/mil at 0.0008-inch thickness; dielectric constant, per ASTM D-150, at 1 MHz and 250 °C, 2.88; dissipation factor, per ASTM D-150, at 1 MHz and 250 °C, 0.040.

The coating is sold in aerosol cans, pint-, quart-, gallon-, five-gallon- and 50-gallon packing. It can be applied via dipping, spraying or brushing. Liquiguard is water-based non-toxic, non-hazardous and environmentally safe.
Liquiguard Technologies
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Rugged handheld computer

Tripod Data Systems' Nomad series of handheld computers comes standard with an 806 MHz processor, 128 MB of memory and integrated Bluetooth technology. In addition, a range of optional configurations is available including an integrated global positioning system (GPS) receiver, a bar-code scanner, a digital camera, and Wi-Fi (802.11g). The Nomad's design and features make it a powerful mobile computing solution for public safety, military and other outdoor or service-related applications.

Using the handheld computer, users can easily collect, save and transmit data while in the field. Integrated GPS gives users location data for navigation. Users can also collect bar-code information with the Nomad's integrated laser scanner as well as capture color images for inspections and maintenance with the two-megapixel digital camera. Furthermore, users can take advantage of the Nomad's CompactFlash and secure digital slots to add more devices such as memory and RFID.

In addition to its standard built-in features and range of options, the Nomad handheld computer offers a 5200 mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery, up to 1 GB of flash memory and a daylight-visible VGA touch-screen display. The battery provides users with 15 hours or more of active use without a recharge. The Nomad's VGA display is sharp and clear in sunlight, presenting maps and other graphic-intensive files in better detail than a typical QVGA display. It also comes with Windows Mobile 6, the latest version of Microsoft's operating system for mobile devices.

The Nomad series meets the MIL-STD-810F standard for drops, vibration and temperature extremes. It also comes with an IP67 rating, which means it is sealed against dust and can survive immersion in up to about three feet of water for approximately 30 minutes. Weighing 21 ounces, the Nomad is shaped to fit comfortably in a user's hand. The Nomad 800B and 800L are available. The Nomad 800LC and 800LE will be available this month.
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High-flex cable assemblies

Gore's FireWire high-flex round and flat-cable assemblies provide motion control and vision systems with reliable flex-life performance. The cable assemblies are designed to prevent lost data or data-integrity issues. Most FireWire cables are designed for static environments. When put in motion environments, they fail to meet the IEEE1394 electrical specifications. Additionally, the attenuation increases significantly when these cables are flexed. The high-flex cable assemblies maintain stable attenuation over the flex life. They are designed to meet the demands associated with motion control and vision systems, and will flex with no bit errors or loss of data.

The round cable assemblies have been tested to achieve 5 million cycles in rolling flex motions on a bend radius of 50 mm. The flat cable assemblies have been tested to achieve 20 million cycles in rolling flex motions on a bend radius of 20 mm. Both cables experienced minimal change in insertion loss and impedance during these tests.

Both the flat and round cable assemblies are available in the following lengths 2 m, 3 m, 4.5 m and 7.7 m. Gore also offers the ability to customize a FireWire cable assembly to meet specific application requirements.
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Eye-safe diode lasers

The HPD series 2400 from Intense are 1550 nm, eye-safe laser diodes. The series feature high peak power and are suited for use in distance-measurement applications that require eye-safe laser sources. The lasers are available in source sizes of 150 µm and 380 µm, and are designed to operate at pulse widths of less than 200 ns and duty cycles to 0.1%. The series are used in military and commercial applications, including rangefinders, weapons simulators, and smart-vehicle cruise control.

Both single diodes and stacked arrays are available. A four-chip vertical array will exhibit output powers to 48 W. The product family includes five configurations. For single diodes, the HPD2410 is rated at 5 W, and the HPD2424 at 12 W. For vertical stacks, the HPD2410-2S is rated at 10 W, the HPD2424-2S at 24 W, and the HPD2424-4S at 48 W.

Standard packages include 5.6MM, 9MM, TO18 coaxial, and TO5 twin lead. Fiber pigtails are optional. RO detectors are available in some packages for range-finding applications. The HPD series 2400 laser diodes are available. Prices start at $255 in single-unit quantities.
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Low-outgassing silicone

NuSil Technology's ultralow-outgassing controlled-volatility materials for the aerospace industry have the ability to retain elasticity and low modulus from -130 °C to 260 °C. These properties are suitable in space applications that are repeatedly exposed to these extreme temperatures. These materials should meet the specifications outlined in NASA SPR- 0022A and the European Space Agency's ESA PSS-014-702, which require a maximum allowable total mass loss (TML) of 1.0% and collected volatile condensable material (CVCM) of 0.1%. NuSil's line of ultralow outgassing materials goes beyond these specifications by an order of magnitude, offering materials with a maximum allowable TML of 0.1% and CVCM of 0.01%.
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Software-defined radio

Rockwell Collins has introduced its software-defined radio (SDR) software-communications-architecture waveform development system (SCA WDS). The offering is made possible through a strategic relationship with PrismTech. Under the terms of the agreement, Rockwell Collins will bundle its FlexNet Four Radio with PrismTech's Spectra SDR development products. This allows international customers and SDR users to develop their own SCA-compliant waveforms, either new or reformatted legacy, on SCA-compliant military-specified radios.

The Rockwell Collins SDR WDS includes the FlexNet 2 MHz to 2 GHz multichannel SDR. The FlexNet Four offers enhanced capacities to significantly improve the connectivity, mobility, versatility, interoperability and exchange of information on the battlefield. Key benefits include up to four simultaneous channels; internetworking communication nodes; support for the high-data-rate ad hoc networking FlexNet waveform; support for standard legacy waveforms; multimedia services; and SCA 2.2 compliance.

The highly integrated development platform delivered with the Rockwell Collins SDR WDS includes PrismTech's Spectra model-driven development SCA waveform and platform tools, and integrated SCA operating environment. The Spectra product suite is tightly integrated with the FlexNet Four SDR and provides the following: SCA waveform and platform modeling; complete SCA code generation; waveform component library management; reverse engineering of existing SCA-based waveforms; integrated build and deployment environment; and automated SCA test-generation and framework.
Rockwell Collins
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