Research and Markets is offering a new report titled, “WiMAX: The Hype and Hope.” This publication examines WiMAX from a business viability perspective, with a focus on the anticipated technology usage and services. It provides a subscriber and revenue forecast and case studies for WiMAX service providers, including Clearwire, Speakeasy Networks, AIIRMESH Communications, Nextweb and Towerstream.

With WiMAX at the top of everyone's agenda, there is a need for research that separates the hype from the hope of this technology that is sometimes referred to as to as "Wi-Fi on steroids." This report takes a critical view of the prospects for WiMAX, which some believe is a technology in search of a business model.

With the potential for greater bandwidth, coverage and mobility, WiMAX represents a lot more than Wi-Fi or 3G, but also a lot less. This publication dispels the myths of WiMAX and puts its business prospects into perspective. It is must-have research for anyone building a business case for investment into broadband wireless and/or projects involving WiMAX.