The SatSim Plus product family from Tampa Microwave integrates Tampa Microwave's flexible link simulation system with RT Logic's family of channel simulators. The product family was designed to meet the requirements of evolving satellite communication systems that feature IP-based data protocols. These systems require link simulators that can mimic the delays associated with TDMA architectures.

In addition to providing free-space-link simulation at all relevant satellite communication frequencies, the product family uses RT Logic's DSP-based T400CS channel-simulation technology to emulate the RF-channel characteristics of a propagation path, including time delay, Doppler, noise, range attenuation and fading. All effects are implemented in a smooth and phase-continuous manner individually or in pre-planned combinations configured in uploadable data files.

The simulator hardware can be configured for single-, dual-, tri- and quad-band operation in the following frequency ranges: C, X, Ku and Ka. Functionality of any system can be controlled through system administration features that limit access to complex modes and data-entry screens. Turnkey installations including towers are also available. Currently fielded Tampa Microwave satellite simulators are factory-upgradeable to incorporate the channel-simulation features.