Version 9.6 of Opera Software’s Opera Devices Software Development Kit (SDK) includes several new features, which it can deliver to even the most limited devices. For example, the hardware-accelerated Opera Zoom beta feature allows users to experience smooth panning and zooming, enabling them to quickly scan full pages in overview mode and hone in on the details.

Based on Opera Mini technology, Opera Devices SDK 9.6 supports Opera Binary Markup Language (OBML). OBML compresses Web pages by up to 90%, accelerating the Web experience, reducing bandwidth requirements, and making the most out of limited device hardware. SDK 9.6 also includes fraud protection that gives users peace of mind when it comes to malware attacks and fraudulent activities such as phishing.

SDK 9.6 additionally offers Universal Plug and Play (UPnP), which provides seamless connectivity across multiple devices. A UPnP Opera Widget can become a universal remote control enabling access to content in any device in the home network.

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