Synthesis software offers improved ease-of-use Eagleware's new S/Filter software design filters use a direct-synthesis approach. This approach offers improved ease-of-use and functionality for designing a number of filter topologies and allows users to arbitrarily place transmission zeros to notch-out unwanted frequencies. The schematic can be extracted in any order from the transfer function, generating an array of filters for each set of design criteria. The software makes it possible for engineers to directly synthesize multiple solutions for each design, tune locations to optimize a filter design, design classic transfer function types using the Shape Wizard, and control extraction sequence with a series or shunt first element. S/Filter is integrated into Eagleware's GENESYS environment. Eagleware

Windows-based SpiceMod eases SPICE model production Intusoft's new Windows-based version of its SpiceMod data sheet-modeling program eliminates the need to learn SPICE model parameters. With information from the manufacturer's data sheet and a set of test circuits included in the program, SpiceMod users can characterize and evaluate models, obtaining feedback on their accuracy. Circuits include diodes, zeners, BJTs, power BJTs, Darlington BJTs, JFETs, MOSFETs, Power MOSFETs, Sidacs and Sidactors, SCRs, GTOs, Triacs, and IGBTs. The SpiceMod program will incorporate a new library manager, which creates library templates that place new models into test drawings. The program combination will be integrated into all new Test Designer, ICAP/4 Windows Professional and Power Supply Designer packages. It will also be sold as a maintenance upgrade for current users of these three programs. Intusoft

Windows-based tool offers programming flexibility IFR Systems and System Design Specialists offer the 1900 Pro-Suite, a Windows-based tool for IFR's 1900 cellular system analyzer. The software provides a way to program and control the 1900 CSA on Microsoft Windows 9x and NT platforms. The suite, with scripting and test macro language (TMAC) macro editors, is able to develop, execute and debug scripts, which can then be executed on a PC with simultaneous control of up to four 1900 CSAs. The 1900 Pro-Suite provides multiple options for handling and manipulating test data. Test status, results, and echoing user input-output windows will display data in a single, logical location. The software also contains a TMAC command database that can locate, cut and paste commands into a script or TMAC macro. The database also displays a description of the command and the valid values for the command and its parameters. IFR Systems