System simulator analyzes signal sneak paths

Eagleware announces the release of GENESYS 8.1 and SPECTRASYS, a full spectral-domain system simulator capable of analyzing signal sneak paths, full channel bandwidth, and system interactions not typically seen before test measurements. This new software is designed to solve the problem of finding the origin or method of creation for any spectral component. SPECTRASYS allows engineers to specify entire spectrums, including measured data for frequency sources such as oscillators and antennas. SPECTRASYS is designed to eliminate design turns due to unwanted spectrums by automatically predicting full node spectrums and by exposing undesired spurs and inter-modulation levels before system integration. SPECTRASYS is integrated with GENESYS to facilitate design team collaboration and analysis throughout the design cycle.

Design system enables shorter development

Agilent Technologies introduces its Advanced Design System (ADS) 2002 electronic design automation (EDA) software, which features advances in simulation technology and usability. ADS 2002 is tailored for system and circuit design engineers. Advances in the software over previous releases include three new capabilities: co-simulation with layout components, a verification model extractor and new simulation technologies that provide greater levels of simulation performance. The software also offers a new filter design guide that synthesizes lumped-element filters for RF and microwave circuit design using a wizard-like user interface for design specification, tolerance/sensitivity analysis, auto-simulation and interactive response tuning. ADS supports Windows 98/NT 4.0/2000; HP-UX 10.20 and 11.0; Sun Solaris 7 and Solaris 8; and IBM AIX 4.3.
Agilent Technologies

New software deciphers GPRS transmissions

Tektronix announces a new general packet radio system (GPRS) deciphering solution for its line of network protocol testers. The software, for the K1205 Version 2.30 (v2.30) and the K1297-G20 Version 2.00 (v2.00) protocol testers, enables operators and equipment manufacturers to automatically decipher transmission at the Gb interface, providing access to all messages above the protocol layer logical link control (LLC). The deciphering modes include full automatic mode, half automatic mode and manual mode. the full automatic mode recognizes as many as 1,000 subscribers over the International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) and their corresponding enciphering key values (Kc). The half automatic mode recognizes Kc values for as many as 1,000 manually entered IMSI. The manual mode accepts as many as 1,000 manually entered IMSI and Kc values.