CAD import modules allow extrusion

Remcom's 3D Solids and layered CAD import modules are for importing Autocad DXF files and SAT solid objects into its XFDTD electromagnetics software. Complicated objects described either as 3D solids or layers can be imported into XFDTD and automatically meshed. The layered CAD import module allows extrusion so that 2.5D objects can be imported, while the 3D Solids Importer meshes any collection of 3D solids. By eliminating the need to draw objects in XFDTD, this capability can enable end-users working with CAD software to use XFDTD more efficiently and save time.

Easy-to-use, measurement-specific, graphical program

Agilent Technologies' VEE OneLab, a graphical PC programming environment for stand-alone research and development applications, incorporates Mathworks MATLAB Script and features from the MATLAB Signal Processing Toolbox. VEE OneLab offers a robust measurement programming environment that contains significant features from VEE Pro 6.0, including capabilities from The Mathworks. Three features characterizing the Agilent VEE OneLab are built-in analysis, new standards-complementary functions, and new tutorials. It is especially suitable for design characterization, design verification, data acquisition and experimentation in single-test-stand applications.
Agilent Technologies

Analog, mixed-signal circuit simulation system

Intusoft announces a new SpiceMod data modeler and new IntuScope5 graphical waveform analyzer within its ICAP 8.×.8 version. The SpiceMod program has a new Library Manager, which creates templates to make it easy to manipulate and save models. The waveform analyzer has been redesigned from the ground up to enhance waveform selection, scaling, viewing and math operation. The data sheet modeling program and waveform analyzer are part of Intusoft's ICAP package, which also includes an IsSpice4 circuit simulator and SPICE model libraries with more than 13,000 analog and digital parts.

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