Synchronica, a provider of mobile synchronization and device management solutions, has integrated Push-IMAP functionality into Mobile Gateway 3.0 (formerly SyncML Gateway), enabling service providers to bring push email to a wide range of mobile devices. Synchronica is among the first to combine both SyncML (OMA DS), which is optimized for synchronization of calendar and contacts and Push-IMAP (LEMONADE), which is optimized for mobile email.

Delivering push-email requires support for mass-market devices from a wide variety of manufacturers. However, proprietary push-email solutions require special client software to be installed on the device and are mostly limited to high-end Smartphones, which represent a small fraction of the mobile phone market. In contrast, Synchronica’s Mobile Gateway does not require additional software installation on the device and instead uses the built-in email and synchronization clients addressing the vast majority of devices.

While SyncML is supported by the majority of devices in the market, it is limited in delivering email since only a small number of devices support email synchronization over SyncML. On the other hand, millions of devices support email over IMAP, but IMAP does not support calendar or contact synchronization. Combining push IMAP for mobile email with SyncML for synchronization of calendar and contacts supports a wider range of devices.

Synchronica’s Mobile Gateway provides carrier-grade push email and synchronization services for both consumers and business users. Serving consumers, it includes back-end support for POP3 and IMAP, connecting to popular mail services such as MSN or Yahoo. For business users, it provides a unique “zero footprint” architecture where users simply register their devices with Mobile Gateway and instantly start to receive email on their devices. No connectors behind the firewall are required. It includes built-in support for Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes and Sun JES.