Spectrum Signal Processing Inc. has announced that its flexComm SDR-3000 software platform has been selected by a leading European defense contractor for the development of a compact wideband jamming system.

It will incorporate Spectrum's SDR-3000 platform in a compact, 2U configuration. The customer purchased two systems valued at approximately $100,000 each for development purposes, and expects to purchase an additional nine units for delivery in late 2005 or early 2006. The jamming system is expected to be marketed internationally as a catalog product to NATO-friendly customers.

"Electronic warfare applications have become an increasingly attractive market opportunity for our software reconfigurable products, including the SDR-3000," said Dan Simard, managing director of Spectrum's European operations. "Much of our know-how in signals intelligence and military communications is readily applicable to the electronic warfare market. This expertise, combined with our ability to package the functionality of our SDR-3000 into customized, deployment-scaled platforms, was the key to our success in this design-in," he added.

Spectrum's flexComm SDR-3000 comprises a heterogeneous processing platform incorporating field-programmable gate arrays from Xilinx and PowerPC processors from Freescale and IBM. RapidIO provides the high-bandwidth, interconnect fabric between the processors. Software development tools include Spectrum's quicComm hardware abstraction layer that facilitates algorithm partitioning and programming and a real-time operating system.